Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sweet black plum jam

Another of our favorite vendors at our primary farmers market is a man named Paul Zibritosky from Paul's Orchards. He usually has fruit and honey, and always lets us get a taste. I tasted my first golden plum from him this year!

We saw he had a good stash of sweet black plums and scooped them up to make jam. Yes, jam. I couldn't have cared less about jam until we started making our own, and now I want it pretty much all the time. I'm glad we have a substantial stash going now!

I always expect plums to be purple on the inside too, and I'm always surprised that they are yellow, even though I've been eating them since I was little.

When raw, the plums are purple and yellow. When you cook them down? Red!

Skim the foam, and into hot jars it goes.

The plum jam was the last item to fit on our first shelf. I had to do some serious rearranging and jam mingling to get the jars to fit, but it worked.

Notice the empty spot next to the shelves? I cleaned out the storage area in the basement to accomodate the arrival of a new old canning cabinet. It came in handy after the attack of the killer tomatoes that following week...

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  1. This was probably my second favorite, next to the strawberry jam