Thursday, September 1, 2011

attack of the killer tomatoes: salsa edition

We had the opportunity to buy bulk organic tomatoes from our CSA and jumped at the chance, now that August's best veggie is streaming in. We spent an entire 14-hour day canning salsa, tomato sauce, and pizza sauce, and finished them off with whole tomatoes the following day. We did so much I'm going to break it down into several posts.

Thanks to Joni for sharing her family's recipe for salsa. We followed their recipe with the addition of cilantro, which is one of our favorite herbs and happened to come in that week's CSA. (Following our use it up or put it up philosophy, we have tried to use everything we possibly can from the CSA and not waste anything.)

Commence chopping. Oh, the chopping. We chopped and chopped and chopped all day. (Though always wear gloves when chopping hot peppers if you have an issue with rubbing your eyes, like I do. I've suffered hot pepper eye too many times - now I'm extra careful.)

Bloody looking tomato hands, all day. I swear I found tomato guts everywhere the next day.

We made a double batch of salsa, which is why there are two almost identical prep bowls side by side.

Because we did so many tomato products over the course of that day, they were all stored together, so the final photos won't be revealed until you see the other things we made. Stay tuned!

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  1. This was/is some damned fine salsa though. Well worth the effort.