Tuesday, July 5, 2011

pickles, part deux

As I mentioned before, we had so many cucumbers that we had to make several varieties. We made long dill slices in quarts and then made more in pints that were circle slices. But the most ambitious were the bread and butter pickles, which stained our island yellow from turmeric and made the kitchen smell like a giant humid cloud of vinegar. These are a favorite of many people, so I'll be excited to try them in August when they're ready. (The jars have to sit 4-6 weeks for the full flavor to soak in.)

First, cucumbers and onions have to soak together in ice and water with some canning salt.

Time out to see how the island was sprawling with canning and pickle paraphernalia.

The brine for bread and butter pickles has many more spices that get mixed into the vinegar.

We got 8 pints from this batch. We then also made more dill pickles in half pints. The shelf is growing!

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