Sunday, July 3, 2011

cherry jam, or how my fingers turned purple for 4 days

We got some (relatively) local cherries a few weeks ago that I wanted to turn into jam (as our strawberry jam is disappearing fast!). Little did I know it would take an hour to pit them and that my fingers and nails would be purple for days. It was worth it, because it turned out great.

These cherries weren't as juicy as the strawberries we used for jam earlier in June, so they had to macerate for a bit under a giant pile of sugar.

Cat time out. Sometime I'll catch Maggie without a suspicious look on her face.

Actually, we had company over, so I didn't get a photo of the jam while it cooked. But when it was done, it looked something like this.

We got 8 half pint jars out of this batch. The shelf is really starting to fill out!

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