Monday, December 26, 2011

inside at Christmas

Though this has nothing to do with canning or gardening, it has to do with our home, so I thought I'd share. Our tree was pretty special this year - we got a larger one which takes up a good part of the living room, and got a special geeky tree topper. You can also see the progression of Christmas movies which we were watching while decorating in the background, which is an added bonus.

Let's start with just the lights on the tree. Notice the movie Home Alone in the background, the part with Uncle Frank and Aunt Whatshername on the plane. I think he was telling her to put the spoon in her purse.

Add some bead garland. Fast forward to Kevin singing in the mirror.

By the time we filled it with ornaments, Home Alone was over, and it was on to Elf. It took a long time.

Mark did the honors of the tree topper, which was good because I couldn't reach it, even on the step stool.

Best. Tree. Ever.

Some other special decorations are our stockings, which I made out of felt, as if you cannot tell. And yes, that's a Darth Vader nutcracker under mine. In front of Mark's is a plate from Wendell August Forge.

And this little one, who loves to crouch under the tree.

Perhaps the best Christmas item of all were the slippers my parents got featuring one of my favorite Christmas movies and the cutest reindeer couple of all time, Rudolph and Clarice.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy new year!


  1. Ron LOVES your tree topper! Very nice Jo!!!!! Hopefully next year we'll do a better job of getting together....and well, after April you'll have to meet our lil girl! :)

    love you and hope you had a fantastic Christmas!!!

  2. Our tree does indeed rock. :-)