Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mother earth news fair 2011

In September, we headed to Seven Springs for two days to attend the Mother Earth News Fair, which sounds like a giant hippie fest. While we did spy a few hippie types, they were in the minority. It's basically a huge fair with workshops and vendors focusing on a sustainable lifestyle, covering everything from canning and preserving to gardening and clean energy. We attended a variety of workshops over the weekend, including one I really enjoyed on organic eating on a dime, as well as how to extend the growing season, a workshop on compost, backyard chicken coops, and reducing energy consumption at home.

Probably our favorite speaker, and one of the big draws for us to come to the fair, was Joel Salatin, who was the keynote speaker. Mr. Salatin owns and runs Polyface Farms, which was featured in the documentary Food, Inc. (Which if you have not seen, you NEED to. NOW.) He spoke about standing up against industrial agriculture among other things, and was really inspiring. We came away with a renewed passion for the changes we've tried to implement in our household and the ones we will continue to add as we grow our homestead.

On the way back to the turnpike after the fair, we stopped at a farmer's market in Donegal and found these enormous pumpkins! We ended up taking home two baby pumpkins and a straw bale for our front porch. These big daddies wouldn't fit anyway!

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